The Reality

With many movies, there is a “behind the scenes.” This is pretty much the effects that Disney or Pixar or any film making studio uses to make a car blow up, things like that.

Same here.

When you look on websites, especially with handmade items, you would usually look at all the items. But, would you think, “How many tries did that pair of earrings need to look like this?” Well, you might, or you might not. Both are fine.

I can tell you about my “behind the scenes.” No cars are blowing up, thankfully, but I do face some struggles behind all the products you see now.

  1. Like most people, I have to set a budget for when I buy supplies. Sometimes I receive supplies, or a gift card to a store, but sometimes I do have to buy it. In total, for all the supplies I’ve bought, I have spent one pretty penny!
  2. I rush sometimes. With my product Ice Tree, first I did it and had to take apart the whole thing again. Take a look at the Ice Tree. Imagine taking those wires apart and putting them back together. I did. I try not to rush, but sometimes I do. But I always fix it.
  3. I take the photos! It is a lot of work. Once, I took about sixty photos with a super heavy camera, and then some. It was humid, and hard.
  4. Running a website is a lot of work! My friends help me, though. Online, of course! Not in person. I have bugs to fix, things to add, you name it!

Well, there’s four things with my behind the scenes! Bye for now!