How I found my passion.

During COVID, everyone is bored. You can’t leave the house, see your friends, go to places, etc.

When COVID started, well, it was a BUMMER. No going places, you’re stuck online, you have to have things wait in quarantine, and so on. IT SUCKS.

But, what I have found, is that, above reading, above writing, above coding, above cooking, above gardening, is that I love making jewelry.

By now, I have been making jewelry for more than a year. I have found that I am more comfortable with trying new wire, new pliers, and even working with sapphires and emeralds. I am more confident with running a website by myself. After all, I make, upload, run, and photograph the products on my website. It is a lot of work! But even through the tiring hours of editing, remaking, photographing, and buying supplies, I have really found my passion. And it isn’t making earrings.

You see a LOT of earrings on my website. I see a LOT of earrings in my organizer, and never find the motivation to photograph and upload everything. I used to think my passion was mainly making earrings. But as I have gotten to know myself more, and do a lot, I have realized, my passion is pendants and gemstone trees.

The Reality

With many movies, there is a “behind the scenes.” This is pretty much the effects that Disney or Pixar or any film making studio uses to make a car blow up, things like that.

Same here.

When you look on websites, especially with handmade items, you would usually look at all the items. But, would you think, “How many tries did that pair of earrings need to look like this?” Well, you might, or you might not. Both are fine.

I can tell you about my “behind the scenes.” No cars are blowing up, thankfully, but I do face some struggles behind all the products you see now.

  1. Like most people, I have to set a budget for when I buy supplies. Sometimes I receive supplies, or a gift card to a store, but sometimes I do have to buy it. In total, for all the supplies I’ve bought, I have spent one pretty penny!
  2. I rush sometimes. With my product Ice Tree, first I did it and had to take apart the whole thing again. Take a look at the Ice Tree. Imagine taking those wires apart and putting them back together. I did. I try not to rush, but sometimes I do. But I always fix it.
  3. I take the photos! It is a lot of work. Once, I took about sixty photos with a super heavy camera, and then some. It was humid, and hard.
  4. Running a website is a lot of work! My friends help me, though. Online, of course! Not in person. I have bugs to fix, things to add, you name it!

Well, there’s four things with my behind the scenes! Bye for now!



How I Started.

When the Coronavirus Pandemic started, I wasn’t too happy. No one was. What could I do, not going to school, or seeing any of my friends? No going shopping, or the promenade.

Before the Coronavirus, I had learned how to make earrings. My hands shook with the pliers. I was younger, then.

I loved to admire my mom’s earrings. I would hold them up to my ears, and imagine wearing them. I wanted to get my ears pierced, so much! One day, we scheduled an appointment at the doctor’s office.

On August 8, 2019, I decided to do it. I was supposed to do it much later, but I was so stressed at night that I got it scheduled at a piercing company.

We sat in the waiting room for a while. I walked around looking at all the earrings I COULD get my ears pierced with.

After what seemed like forever, the piercers called my name. I looked at a pair of opal earrings. Pretty, but not yet. Black cubic zirconia? Hmmm. Unicorn stone? Uh, definitely! A piercer handed me a mirror, and I held the earring up to my ear, with a pair of sterile tweezer thingies. (I actually have no idea what the heck they were!) We filled out a sheet with a bunch of things, where I was going to get pierced, today’s date, my birthdate…*sigh!* I gave my signature, and then I got led into a room.

I asked to get my ears pierced at the same time, so two piercers got on sterile gloves (Sterile, sterile! Big thing around here!) They each reached for a needle.

I took a deep breath. “Ready,” I said.

They had drawn dots on my ears, to help guide them when they pierced. Then, they put the needle through my ear, a half second apart, and pulled it out.

It wasn’t painful. It felt barely like anything. But, now it was over, and I practically danced out of the room. I was so happy.

But a few weeks after my piercing, strange things started happening. My skin swelled and bubbled up, and we put so much saline spray on. It didn’t help. It hurt a ton. Pus was coming out. My friends all asked to see it. They were a little freaked out, and I don’t blame them!

Eventually, I went to my doctor. She carefully examined my ear. She clarified that there was nickel in my earrings. She told me to go to the piercers, and ask for them to remove my earrings. This way, I wouldn’t have to have surgery!

I came home in shock. I couldn’t speak. I was carrying a little plastic baggie with my earrings in it.

The holes closed.

I felt pretty upset.

A while after, I decided to begin making earrings again.

I sat at my desk, with earring findings, charms, jump rings, and pliers. I began.

I have a strict rule when I buy earring findings. No metals except sterling silver, 14 Kt gold filled or maybe one day, real 14Kt gold, stainless steel, surgical stainless steel, and niobium. I don’t want anyone to have to go through what I did.

I wanted to open an Etsy shop. But then, an unexpected obstacle left me disappointed. I couldn’t do it.

I then opened a shop on WooCommerce. My first product was also a first sale. The Peacock Feather Pendant. A good friend bought it.

I make new categories and earrings almost every day. I photograph each product. Then, I put it on the website.

This is the history of my website. I hope you enjoyed. Thank you!

Love, Calliope!