How I found my passion.

During COVID, everyone is bored. You can’t leave the house, see your friends, go to places, etc.

When COVID started, well, it was a BUMMER. No going places, you’re stuck online, you have to have things wait in quarantine, and so on. IT SUCKS.

But, what I have found, is that, above reading, above writing, above coding, above cooking, above gardening, is that I love making jewelry.

By now, I have been making jewelry for more than a year. I have found that I am more comfortable with trying new wire, new pliers, and even working with sapphires and emeralds. I am more confident with running a website by myself. After all, I make, upload, run, and photograph the products on my website. It is a lot of work! But even through the tiring hours of editing, remaking, photographing, and buying supplies, I have really found my passion. And it isn’t making earrings.

You see a LOT of earrings on my website. I see a LOT of earrings in my organizer, and never find the motivation to photograph and upload everything. I used to think my passion was mainly making earrings. But as I have gotten to know myself more, and do a lot, I have realized, my passion is pendants and gemstone trees.